Hybrid Power


A grid-connected solar system with battery storage is commonly known as a “hybrid” system. This type of system has the capability of being able to store excess power that’s not consumed at the time of production and makes it available for later use when solar energy is unavailable and the power needs are high.

Offering the best of both grid connect (connected to the grid) and standalone (battery storage) systems, the hybrid system can supply your night time energy needs with excess power stored during the day, instead of being sold back to the energy provider at a significantly reduced tariff, with the added benefit of providing emergency power in the event of a grid failure (blackout).
Installing a Hybrid system will reduce the quantity of power exported to the grid for minimal financial reward and makes it available at a later date therefore offsetting the power bought from the grid.
Hybrid systems will also provide limited power during a “blackout,” therefore being able to keep the fridge, lighting and other essential items running until the grid is re-established.
A typical hybrid system has a battery bank capable of storing unused daily output from the solar array.

Hybrid systems commonly use sealed GEL battery banks that run at 24 volts DC. These GEL batteries require basically no maintenance and depending on the batteries programmed daily depth-of-discharge (DOD) the batteries have a long lifespan before needing replacement.

We can recommend a range of products and options to suit your requirements, including onsite and offsite monitoring to check system performance and reporting.

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