Australia is among the highest carbon polluters in the world per capita, and yet has the most solar resources of any inhabited continent. Proven solar technology is both beneficial to the environment and a great hedge against rapidly rising electricity prices.

Mackies has a vision for our great area - a solar Mid North Coast! As one of our area's most successful supply and installation companies we are dedicated to solar energy. We have the expertise in design and installation to ensure that you get the very best in your solar energy products and services installed at your premises.

All of the products we stock are tried and tested, providing reliability and efficiency. Whether you require solar panels, regulators, inverters, deep cycle batteries, full solar energy systems, camping kits, a traditional solar hot water system or a heat pump, we have you covered!
There are a multitude of solid economic, social and environmental reasons for solar energy systems. At Mackies, we have the knowledge, the team and the commitment to design, install and guide you in achieving significant reductions from the rising cost of electricity.

Our solar division covers Grid Connect solar - panel based photovoltaic (PV) power systems connected to grid power, Hybrid solar – PV + battery banked power systems being still connected to grid power, Standalone solar – PV + battery banked off-grid power systems as well as numerous solar options for camping solutions.


When you buy solar panels or other renewable energy equipment, it can be a substantial investment - and one you'll be living with for many years. The price of solar power has dropped dramatically over the last few years, while electricity prices have skyrocketed – and the price hikes will continue.
Good Sense
To learn more about our services or to understand how the various solar systems can assist you in achieving significant cost reductions and benefits, contact our team for a no-obligation free consultation.

At Mackies, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to suit all of your needs. When you contact our team, you're not just speaking with a consultant; we're all truly passionate about solar energy and have the experience to provide you with the right advice. We’ll recommend the most suitable system for your specific electricity needs and budget. Whether it's the best panels for your situation or perhaps a deep cycle battery suited to your electricity consumption profile, rest assured that Mackies has you covered.
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