We first met Paul Mackie in 1996, when we asked him for a quote to install a ducted air-conditioning system in our home in Taree. We found him to be a very genuine person who was up to date with the latest technology. He is the sort of person who wants to do his best for you. He installed our ducted air-conditioning system for us. We were very happy with what he did for us. Our ducted air-conditioning system has kept us warm in winter and cool in summer for the last seventeen years. Having it installed was the best thing we ever did.

Over the years Mackies have always been there for us when we have needed help. We were pleased we had the sense to hire a local company as they were always available to help us. So we have met some of the Mackies team members over the years. All the Mackies team members that we have met have had the same qualities that Paul Mackie has. They are all genuine people who just want to do their best for you. Paul Mackie has obviously picked a team of people who are just like him. Unlike other contractors you do not need to watch them and check their work.

So when we wanted to install a ten kilowatt hybrid solar system on the roof of our house in Taree we naturally thought of Mackies. We had been customers of Mackies for the last seventeen years. Our 10 Kilowatt hybrid solar system is the first hybrid solar system in this area. We knew we could trust Mackies to be able to design a system for us. And we knew we could trust Mackies to do a good job for us as we knew they always want to do a good job. Mark Dreyer from Mackies designed the 10 kilowatt solar hybrid system for us. Mark Dreyer is like all the other Mackies team members. He is a genuine person who is up with the latest technology. Mackies have installed our 10 kilowatt hybrid solar system and we are very happy with what they have done for us. Mackies is a local company and we know they will always be there for us when we need help with our 10 Kilowatt hybrid solar system.

- Larry and Ruth Knight
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