WHS Insurance


Insurance Type - Workers' Compensation
Insurance Co. - CGU
Policy No. - 1NFM002813GWC154
Extent of Cover - N/A
Expiry Date - 30th June

Insurance Type - Public Liability
Insurance Co. - CGU
Policy No. - 15T4229183
Extent of Cover - $20,000,000
Expiry Date - 31st December

Insurance Type - Motor Vehicle Fleet
Insurance Co. - CGU
Policy No. - 24F2153946
Extent of Cover - N/A
Expiry Date - 31st December

Insurance Type - Professional Indemnity  
Insurance Co. - QBE
Policy No. - 119A044404PID
Extent of Cover - $10,000,000
Expiry Date - 10th May

Insurance Type - Home Warranty Insurance  
Insurance Co. - N/A
Policy No. - N/A
Extent of Cover - Individual cover is taken out as per job for all jobs over the amount of $20,000.00
Expiry Date - N/A
Systems Management
At Mackies, we strive for excellence. We employ effective business management processes that are continuously improved. Our integrated management systems guarantee quality services with personnel safety and environmental awareness.


The comprehensive framework upon which we have built our processes gives you confidence in our capability and reliability to provide the highest quality services and products every time on time. Our services meet our customer regulations, mandates, expectations and needs.


The primary function of all safety systems is the reduction in workplace illness and injury. In the continually changing workplace environment, the effective assessment and management of safety issues is paramount. At Mackies, we consider our staff's and others’ safety of the utmost importance.


Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges we face in our global community; we have structured our practices with this in mind. Our philosophy is one of improving performance moving towards environmental sustainability. While operating effectively we demonstrate a proactive approach, incorporating environmentally responsible practices into our everyday business processes. Mackies identifies, measures, manages and controls our environmental aspects.


The environmental, work health safety & quality assurance management strategies that are adopted by Mackies Electric & Refrigeration Pty Ltd during the course of its service and installation projects will be applied to all aspects of works performed, designed, manufactured, installed, all persons engaged to do so, our neighbours, community and the environment.
Organizational Chart
The Environmental, Work Health, Safety & Quality Management Systems are made up of two core components – principles & procedures;
principles - setting the commitment, strategies & responsibilities 

procedures - how to undertake the strategies, system procedures, HR procedures, safe operating procedures for tasks / equipment
Management Commitment
The Management of Mackies confirm their commitment through the provision of;
  • Offering stable employment
  • Environmentally & economically responsible targets
  • Training for job sharing, technological improvement & career development being offered to all workers
  • Setting of marketing strategies which are continually upgraded
  • Continually upgrading of plant & the workplace in general so as to create a functional working environment
  • Introduction & development of new products to improve our market share
  • Continual upgrade of materials & knowledge of them
  • Offering long lasting, high quality products & services
  • Assessment of environmental aspects to minimise impact
  • Provision of all resources to cover our commitment, targets & strategies
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